The Power of Who

What if you already knew everyone you already needed to know? In the age of social media, tech marketing, guru masterclasses, etc. there’s a consistent barrage of information and voices telling you what you need to do next to “level up” in life. What if all these options weren’t propelling you, but actually slowing you down? This is the dilemma I see plaguing the current generation. We’re comparing our lives to an unreal (for the most part) Instagram story and believing we’re behind. We live in an environment of dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, and thinking you must be the expert to have a seat at the table, yet I’ve learned the opposite to be true. Slower is faster, less is more, and quality over quantity, will lead me to a sustainable life the vast majority desires of their future. Being an elder millennial (1986), I’m realizing that the most powerful relationships in my life have not come from sheer number of acquaintances, but rather the depth of a few.

So how does this effect business? In every way. What if you stopped trying to build your network and rather invested in the ones you already have influence with? What if you stopped trying to grow externally and began to focus internally on your Who? Determining your Who is the starting block to running the business race well. Here’s a few key items for identifying your Who:

– Who are the key relationships in my life (top 12, 3, and 1)
– Who are the key business relationships already present?
– Who are the relationships I can trust? (Proven track record of honesty & loyalty)
– Who are those that I desire to see “WIN” in life?

When you are clear and confident on the list compiled above, I can ensure you that you are well on your way to a successful future. Don’t spend countless hours tracking down leads of people that do not know you or aren’t vested in your overall success. See, the people on the “Who” list genuinely care and desire to see you thrive in life so why wouldn’t they connect you to the right person (their Who) or team to see those desires manifest. I’ve also heard it said this way, “Find your people and you’ll discover your purpose. Find your purpose and it’ll reveal your destiny. Find your destiny and you’ve fulfilled a life worth living.”

As the adage goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” I hope this reminder helps reset the way you think about Who you’re surrounded by and the power available for us all.

By: Eric Gibson