The Power of Trade Relationships

By: CEO Jordan Wallace January 18th, 2023

How are we creating value? I often reflect on projects, those that were successful and those that had more challenges to overcome. By opinion, it came down to the working history with those involved thru expectations, communication, and experience. Listening from both ends of the bench brought the best team solutions. Most of those reading this hopefully appreciate the unexpected phone calls we’ve made just to check in and see where we can support their business. Those calls are intentional, because we want to look out for those that look out for the projects, we’re assisting with delivering for Clients. Finding those opportunities creates small increments of trust.

Wallace Construction Management genuinely cares about Design groups, Consultants, Contractors, and Suppliers’ success. There is no relationship without those phone calls and learning about their business. At certain times when projects find a challenge, it makes the important phone calls meaningful and the response in return is resolute. In 2023, the company’s mission is to continue to sustain that trust by finding solutions for trade partners and clients.