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The Power of Who

What if you already knew everyone you already needed to know? In the age of social media, tech marketing, guru masterclasses, etc. there’s a consistent barrage of information and voices telling you what you need to do next to “level up” in life. What if all these options weren’t propelling you, but actually slowing you down? This is the dilemma I see plaguing the current generation. We’re comparing our lives to an unreal (for the most part)...


Jordan Wallace

Primed for Success

For Jordan Wallace, the construction business is as much about building relationships as it is setting concrete and steel beams. Not that Wallace Construction Management hasn’t done plenty of the latter over the last several years. From helping retailers expand across the country to building multifamily housing in Texas that accentuates both community and sustainability, this boutique firm is no stranger to big-time work.


The Atticus - Middletown, OH

Middletown’s East End to be Site of Big Development as $6.2M Purchase Approved

The face of Middletown’s East End, often called the city’s welcome mat, could change dramatically in the next several years. City Council approved spending $6.2 million to purchase more than 29 acres at the southeast corner of Union Road and Ohio 122 for a $160 million residential, commercial and sports


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The Power of Trade Relationships

How are we creating value? I often reflect on projects, those that were successful and those that had more challenges to overcome. By opinion, it came down to the working history with those involved thru expectations, communication, and experience. Listening from both ends of the bench brought the best team solutions. Most of those reading this hopefully appreciate the unexpected phone calls we’ve made just to check in and see where we can support their business. Those calls are intentional,


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Why Having the Right Construction Management Will Save You Time and Money

Third Party Construction Management can significantly benefit the success of a construction project, especially when it comes to saving money for the owner-developer. By utilizing a construction management company like Wallace Construction Management, Owners can save both time and money, and have a smoother, more efficient construction experience.


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Technology in Construction

Construction Management is an integral part of the construction industry, responsible for ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. As the construction industry evolves, Wallace Construction Management is evolving with it.Those calls are intentional,


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Take Your Construction Industry Business to the Next Level by Developing and Practicing a Growth Mindset​

We've all heard the phrase, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” However, with an ever-changing construction market, this mindset can limit individuals and businesses from reaching full potential. Instead, adopting a growth mindset that seeks continuous education and improvement will strengthen your ability to pivot when necessary, find alternatives to meet changing demands, and turn challenges into opportunities.re efficient construction experience.


Admirable work here from Jordan Foster Construction and their team! Grateful to have worked with this team on Mark at Weatherford

The Mark at Weatherford, winner of the 2022 ABC South Texas Excellence in Construction Award in the Multifamily category. The team behind this project is a prime example of what commitment to excellence and a job done right can accomplish. This 355-unit apartment community located in Weatherford, Texas, 27 miles west of Fort Worth. Consisting of 12 four story buildings connected by open-air breezeways, The Mark at Weatherford features a large, open amenity center and clubhouse, business/study area, large gym, resort pool, 3 grill houses, sports field, pond with fountain, tuck under garages, and more.